If Foods Could Add Extra Years to Your Life, These Must Be Your Top Choices

We’ve all heard about what the Chinese green tea and the anti-oxidant packed hero blueberry can do to our skin and overall wellbeing! But there are some unsung heroes tat could also do the trick for you and we’re going to reveal them to you right away!

Split Peas
Whole cooked peas and legumes that feature across Mediterranean diets are actually said to contribute to slowing down the aging process according to a study published in BMJ. The fiber and antioxidants in them are a factor contributing to longevity of life. What’s more, legumes also help curb weight loss.

Go Nuts!
Walnuts are a powerhouse when it comes to age boosting foods as eating these three times a week is likely to give two to three more years of life, according to research published in BMC Medicine. Besides, eating nuts regularly also helps cut down the risk of cancer and heart disease, lifestyle diseases that are a threat it today’s age. However, peanuts and peanut butter are ruled out of this nuts list! So, don’t go nuts over them, if you are going to!

Vegetable Protein
You can add a few more weeks to your life by cutting down on your meat intake. According to a study done by the American Society of Nephrology, adding plant-based sources of protein can increase lifespan, particularly if you suffer from kidney problems. Some sources to consider to swap with your regular serving of meat include quinoa, beans, soy, tofu and buckwheat. These give you nearly the same as much protein per serving as meat does while also giving you the added benefits of vitamins, mineral and fiber.

OMG, hear this right! Carrots not only give you an extended lifespan but also make you look more attractive! According to a study by the Universities of Glasgow, the carotenoids that give carrot their colour are said to be an age booster and also help make you look sexy everyday!

Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Science has long passed on what these wonders could do for our skin and et al. Although, the Omega-3 fatty acid compound can virtually be found in every fatty fish, the often lesser known sardines are considered to be among the best sources. Besides adding age, these compounds reduce risk of heart disease and diabetes,  according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. A single serving complete with eyeballs placed in a tin can provide half of the daily required value for Omega 3s and almost 400% of the body’s daily requirement of vitamin B12, another age-boosting nutrient.

Snails are great naturally available sources of iron, according to researchers from Nigeria. They contain nearly 4 mg of iron per serving - more than red meat and enough to keep anaemia woes away and increase age.

A diet high in healthy fats from the medium-chain fatty acids found in coconuts, lead to slow brain aging as the DNA is protected from damage, as per a study conducted by the University of Copenhagen.

Sweet Potato
Often less celebrated than its popular cousin, sweet potatoes contain high levels of anthocyanin, a compound said to have properties to reduce cancer risk and increase lifespan. They feature as top foods healthy for the heart too.

Wine and Chocolate
Ah! Now here’s a favourite, hands down! Wine and chocolate paired together are a great source of resveratrol, a compound exhibiting reverse signs of cellular aging, as per a paper published in Cell Metabolism. Pick the red wine and extra dark variety, please.

Food of the Olympics is an age transformer too! Scientists discover that urolithin A, present as a molecule in pomegranates, is transformed by microbes in the gut to help muscle cells to protect themselves against one of the major causes of aging.

Exercising Moderation!
Based on a study published in Nature, excreting moderation whilst eating right could well be the best way to increasing your lifespan. A calorie-restricted diet can keep the worst of all aging problems at bay and provide a 40% increase in life-span over peers who don’t practice the same.

WRITTEN BY  - Bhagyashree Chunekar chunekar@gmail.com



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