Imported Marijuana strains are now sold in India!

A research conducted by Seedo, a brand that sells marijuana cultivation kits showed that New Delhi is the third largest marijuana consuming city in the world and Mumbai ranks sixth largest!

Over 70 metric tonnes of Marijuana is consumed in these two cities every year and the number of stoners in the country is slowly increasing. With the number of stoners going up, the demand for different kinds of weed is also going up. As Indians discovered different strains and the different kinds of high you can get out of them, they started craving for more.

Eventually, stoners started importing strains from the dark web and its a really easy process. Firstly, to purchase anything off the dark web, you need cryptocurrency like bitcoin. Then you use the TOR browser to anonymously log into a website. You look for a dealer with a good rating and reviews and you place an order. The shipment is packed and delivered right at your doorstep!

Now here is the catch, the package that you order is coming from an anonymous seller. The package has your name and address on it. So if it is seized, instead of the delivery guy, the police show up at your door. The narcotics department in Mumbai is taking strict action against dark web sellers and has set up a crackdown team for those who order. Importing strains in India is not impossible but the chances of you getting caught now are too high. 

But that doesn't mean that you can't get them anymore! When Indians imported weed, they were smart enough to preserve it. Creative stoners took to cultivation and started growing these strains back here. Some started sneaking in seeds from other countries and started growing them right here.  

The stigma around smoking pot is slowly dying, a lot of people have moved from conventional tobacco smoking to weed. There have been a few discussions in the parliament regarding the legalization of marijuana. And with the increasing number of stoners supporting this cause, I have a feeling that it's only a matter of time before its legal to get high on this magical plant.

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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