In conversation with Bhrigu Sahni!

Bhrigu Sahni has been enchanting the city with his aural magic for quite a while now. His debut album ‘What Is Now’ featured sounds that were previously unheard of, thus making clear that this man is an ardent sonic explorer. We were lucky enough to get him to have a chat with us yesterday, and here’s how that went :

1. So Bhrigu, you've been playing around the region for some time now. Having seen you at NH7, I can safely say that it was a surreal experience. Could you tell us more about what drives your music?

First off, Thank you for saying that. That in itself is a part of what drives the music.
For me, creating music and the joy that one gets from making it is what really drives me.

2. You did your bachelor's course in Berklee, I hear. How did the education and exposure affect your art?

Spending time at music school definitely informed what i make on a deep level. At first, going from Pune to Boston raised the bar pretty high for me in terms of musicianship and exposure. I basically felt like a sponge taking in everything around me as best as I could. I feel like I still try to do this and that is what really informs my art.

3. Your album titled 'What Is Now' released in March 2016. What compelled you to write the album? And what's the story/ meaning behind the name?

For me, personally, the title 'What is Now' is a reminder for being aware and conscious of what is happening right now, in the present moment, and perhaps to reflect on it, to consider it. This is something I find that we as people dont really spend time doing. We're always waiting for that next moment or that next thing to happen and think that that is where fullfillment exists. But im not so sure if that is the case.

4. What is your favorite kinda drink? And on a scale of 1-10, how much do you enjoy drinking?  

Favorite drink - Jameson on Ice
How much do I enjoy drinking? Not sure if I should answer that!

5. Would you call yourself a foodie? Tell us more about the kind of food you like to eat!

Yes, definitely. I actually love cooking and making food from scratch.
From Nigiri Sushi to our local Vada Pav I love it all, not saying that I can cook it though.
Of course and then you have butter chicken. Cant cook that either.
But give me an egg and Ill scramble it for sure.  

You can catch Bhrigu at the Cuckoo Club
, Bandra on Tuesday at 7 PM. Make sure you don’t miss out on this surreal experience!

WRITTEN BY  - Aditya Mohanan



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