Indians are now brewing vape juice at home!

Over the past few years, vaping has caught on India as more and more smokers are trying to quit. The average price of a single cigarette in India is Rs.15 and vaping is turning out to be a cheaper alternative.

Vaping is a highly customizable option. A standard vape consists of a battery module, a coil and a tank to fill your vape juice in. The battery powers the coil that heats up and vaporizes the juice. Instead of smoke, users inhale Vapour. 

While the battery mod and tank is a one-time replacement, vapers eventually run out of juice and look for options. Vape juice consists of two base ingredients, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. Nicotine is added to this blend as per the user's requirement and a number of flavour extracts are added to give the vape a fragrance and some taste. 

Indians mostly buy their vape juice online and there are hundreds of brands to choose from. And each brand has their own collection of bizarre flavours! The vaping community constantly experiments on flavours and has developed a number of interesting blends. 

While you can choose from the classic double apple, mint and paan, there are flavours like cotton candy, caramel popcorn, blueberry pancakes, red velvet and even Redbull! But most of these crazy flavours are coming from home breweries in India.

Since international brands charge a bomb for Vape Juice, Indians started brewing their own batches. While international brands charge upwards of Rs.1200 for a nicotine blend flavour, Indian brewers sell the same for around Rs.300 for the same! When it comes to international brands, the price goes up as you move towards fancy flavours. But Indian brewers have standard rates for their vape juices!

Just like Indian alcohol breweries, Indian Vape Juice breweries have slowly started taking over the market and are breaking the monopoly that international brands thrived on. 

But Vaping in India is under threat. 5 states in our country have banned the sale of electronic nicotine consumption devices. There are many small movements in the country that seek a ban on Vaping throughout the country while the sale of regular cigarettes is completely legal. Basically its okay to inhale carbon monoxide but it's not okay to inhale flavoured vapour!

Cigarette manufacturers have had a lot of influence in forming policies in our country and it is highly possible that these movements have been kickstarted by cigarette manufacturers as they have lost a significant chunk of their business ever since vaping caught on. However, I think that it is because of the absurd cigarette prices that these companies charge! 

It's funny that how options like vaping and Marijuana that are way safer than smoking are shot down in our country. While we are not sure about vaping being completely harmless but we know for a fact that it is way better than sucking on carbon monoxide! Governments of a lot of South Asian and European countries have started promoting vaping as it a much safer option. And we feel that instead of banning it, the Indian government should look at it as a less harmful alternative for the youth. They should actually conduct some Research and development on the matter to test out its effects. Because all we can see right now is more and more homebrewers coming out with juices that are uncontrolled, illegal and possibly dangerous.

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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