Injured driver left unattended, people steal onions from an overturned truck!

Indians are really scared of helping road accident victims. Its mostly because people don't want to deal with cops as they are afraid of getting stuck doing rounds of the police station or the court.

But after I heard about a recent incident, it made me wonder if there is any humanity left. A truck loaded with onions fell 30 feet from a bridge leaving the driver critically injured. The truck fell from the new Mumbai-Pune highway bridge onto the old highway and people immediately rushed to the truck.

But they didn't help the driver, instead, they stole sacks of onions from the bed of his truck! The driver lay there severely injured and watched how no one bothered to help him. I was deeply shaken when I read about how cruel people can be. To loot someone who is possibly dying is a heinous crime!

A similar incident happened once in Mumbai when a boy fell to his death from a train. When the police retrieved his body, his phone and wallet were missing from his person. Incidents like these sadden me and I end up questioning myself is there no humanity left? A man in Delhi lay on the road for 12 hours after a major accident after people stole his phone and cash! Such incindents are rising where helpless victims are robbed of their belongings.

The driver of the truck is currently getting treatment at a private hospital in Lonavala. The police said that they will be filing a case against the unidentified people who stole the onions from the truck.

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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