Inkitchen – this raw mango drink will make you feel cool and fresh

Summers are blazing hot in India and temperatures can easily cross 50 degree Celsius. To safeguard ourselves from heat stroke and quench our thirst, aam ka panna – Raw mango juice is preferred drink. Aam ka panna has sweet and tangy taste, and it’s blended with fresh mint leaves and spices make it awesome chilled healthy drink for scorching summer.

•    Raw Mangoes: 2 no.
•    Fresh Mint leaves: 1 bunch
•    Sugar: 4 teaspoon
•    Black salt – ½ teaspoon
•    White salt – ½ teaspoon
•    Roasted Cumin Powder – 1 teapoon
•    Crushed Ice – lots of them

•    Wash raw mangoes and mint leaves under running water.
•    Put mangoes in pressure cooker and steam cook them for 10 min.
•    Take water in a bowl and place boiled raw mangoes peeling of skin and removing all pulp using hands, discarding the seed.
•    Crush mint leaves, and roasted cumin deeds in mixer to a paste.
•    Add mint paste, salt, sugar and black salt and mix them well using hands.

Tips and Tricks
You can use less quantity of Sugar and Salt for High B.P. & Diabetics

WRITTEN BY  - Devanshi Shah



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