Interview : Uddipan from Aswekeepsearching loves Vada Pav & has a new favourite joint in Bandra!

Everyone loves some good post-rock, especially when it’s inspired by sounds from our land and our sentiments. Ahmedabad based post-rock outfit band Aswekeepsearching has trademarked their sound in the Indian music scene and are always eagerly awaited by music lovers in every city. As their Hibernation Tour happening, we at Binge were lucky to be able to exchange as few words with guitarist/vocalist Uddipan Sarmah regarding the band, their sound and also, their choice of food! Here it goes:

Q :  So the band has a very peculiar name, in terms of how it looks. ‘Aswekeepsearching’, no spaces. Could you tell us the meaning behind the name, and also the unique presentation of it?
A : We started with spaces in our name. We continued that for a year i guess. Still we find places where spaces are added and then we get back requesting to use the new font :) 
To keep it short, we had a line up change. There was a strong bond and a better understanding in the band with the change. So we thought, why to keep distanced when the name can be just one word?

Q :  The 2015 album ‘Khwaab’ had elements of Indian/ Hindi music subtly interwoven into the predominantly Western structures of the songs, giving the album a splendidly fresh identity in the Indie scene. How would you convey this vibe in words?
A : The first album will always have a character that I dont think we would be able to project again. It was me and Shubham and our life experiences over the years that we put into the songs. Vibe would be open ended, it’s upto you how you connect with it.

Q :  You guys have played in Mumbai quite a few times now. As a band from Ahmedabad, what food items do your taste buds crave every time you guys hit Mumbai?
A : Mumbai for us is best for Vada Pav. I have shifted to Mumbai and it has been 9 months now. Recently I learned about 'Good Luck' restaurant in Bandra and I can’t wait to take my band there for the kheema pav. I lost my mind!

Q : On a scale of 1-10, how much would you say that the band likes alcohol? How does drinking affect your live performance?
A : 2014-15 : 10
     2015-16 : 8
     2017 : 7
     2018 : I am sure it has gone down to maybe 4. We like taking next flight home after a gig nowadays. We are old :) 
     But yes, when we party, we party!

Q : On a silly note, a Gujarati stereotype is that mums send packed theplas along with their kids when they’re traveling. What are your thoughts on theplas? And have there been instances where similar incidents have occurred with any members of the band?
A : Haha, it’s only Shubham and me who are from ahmedabad. Gautam and Bob love Gujarati food. Maybe I have had enough. But not yet, we haven't carried theplas on tour. But nice idea, maybe we should take it to Belgium and make all the bands try at the ‘Dunk!' festival this May :) 


Q :  This tour is called the Hibernation tour, and it looks like the band plans on being on hiatus for a while. As a band that gigs quite a lot, could you tell us more about this new step?
A : Rightly said by you, a band that has played a lot, needs time to relax and write new music :) We won’t be completely stopping to play. However, no club shows for a long time.

We would like to thank Uddipan for taking time out to talk to us. Aswekeepsearching is playing the Mumbai leg of their Hibernation Tour at Todi Mill Social
 on Thursday, March 22nd (9 PM). If you value memorable experiences, these guys are sure to make a mark, so don’t miss them!


WRITTEN BY  - Aditya Mohanan



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