Iodex sandwiches, Fevibond and sanitizer: The 'Saste Nashe' Indians are getting high on!

Indians are some of the most creative and innovative people on this planet. But not all of this creativity is towards good things. Some of these bright minds have devised weird ways to get high! Most of these antics are really dangerous and we recommend people not to try any of these! Here are some of the 'Saste Nashe' Indians are getting high on. 

Iodex Sandwiches!
People apply a generous amount of Iodex balm on a slice of bread making the grossest sandwich ever! But they eat it anyway as it gives them a certain high and makes them feel light headed.

Drinking Hand Sanitizer!
A large bottle of Hand sanitizer has enough alcohol to get a horse drunk! A standard size bottle of Sanitizer has the alcohol equivalent to 30 vodka shots! Plus we are sure they are getting rid of all the germs in their throat. 

Fevibond is a contact cement that is used as a rubber adhesive to fix punctures in tyres and shoes. However, since it is easily available in stationery stores, People put a tiny amount of the glue in a plastic bag and sniff the fumes to get high.

Rubber tyres and slippers!
I know its hard to believe but some Indians burn small bits of rubber tyres and slippers and inhale the fumes. This just shows how addictive drugs are that these junkies are literally inhaling toxic pollutants to get high.

Sirrup or Purple Drank
This cocktail was popularized by rapper Li'll Wayne. It is basically a mixture of any codeine-based cough syrup mixed with mountain dew or sprite. Pharmacies in India often sell cough syrup under the table to kids. Some of these syrups are don't even require a prescription and are easy to procure.  

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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