Is Didi's Rosogolla Day Trying To Take Over Children's day?

One year ago, on the 14th of November, Kolkata got the GI for Rosogolla. The battle for the graphical indication had been going on since Odisha applied for this particular GI back in 2015. According to Odisha, Rosogolla originated in Puri, over 600 years ago.
But Mamata Banerjee put all her resources to use to prove that this sweet dish was a creation of sweet-maker Nabin Chandra Das, in 1868, who was a resident of Bengal.


To clear it out, a GI tag is a sign that identifies a product as originating from a particular place.

Let me get this straight if Odisha has proof that the sweet existed 600 years ago, which would be the year 1415, and Bengal saw the first Rosogolla in 1868, doesn't it mean that Odisha had it first?

If you're telling me that Didi's proactive involvement in this battle had nothing to do with Bengal's victory, I'll be very disappointed in you. Tell me, how would Kolkata show it's face to people if it lost the rights over ROSOGOLLA?

Anyway, the 1 year anniversary of this GI will be celebrated at Mishti Hub (at eco park), which is a dessert park with all of Kolkata's sweet-makers, old and new, selling their best sweets. And on Rosogolla day, they'll be selling all the different varieties of this milky white chena sweet.

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen



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