Is going down on her okay? Cunnilingus questions Answered!

It’s been well established that swallowing is great for one’s mental and physical health, so now let’s get to understand the perks of eating your woman out. Is it safe? Is it healthy? Is it good for you? Should you be doing it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

So what’s going into your body when you’re eating her out? On a normal day, vaginal secretions are made of vaginal mucous and lubrication which consists of amino acts, carbohydrates, proteins and other acids produced by the bacteria that live in there. Wait, what bacteria? There’s bacteria?

Don’t freak out. Ever heard of probiotics? That’s what’s in your yogurt and supplements and it aids massively in your metabolism. These germs are called Lactobacilli and they produce acids and enzymes that help you digest your food better. The glucose content in the vagina helps these germs to travel all the way to your small intestine without being digested by the stomach.  Almost as if it was made for your benefit, huh?

Dental Dam (image source: the verge)

Not only do the Lactobacilli help in digestion, but also in the effective management of cholesterol. That basically means that if you have a heart problem, going down on your woman twice a day could help! Although one can’t be too careful as some STIs can be contracted from cunnilingus as well, as the lining of your mouth is much more sensitive than the lining of your pension vagina. If you want to take extra steps to be careful, buy off some Dental Dams from Amazon.

Also, when you’re eating up that pussy, some DHEA hormones and some Oxytocin is being produced in your system? You know what that means? Those are cancer-fighting hormones. So if you’re afraid of getting cancer or are looking to treat a case, you know what to do (apart from seeking professional medical health, of course.)

Also, it’s GREAT for you when a woman orgasms. Oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins are released during a female’s orgasm, which can alleviate pain and even works on depression! Do you really need more reasons to do this? (Not like you needed these in the first place.

Also, a healthy vagina isn’t supposed to taste bad. Some say it’s salty, some say it tastes like tuna, but either way, it’s supposed to be alkaline. If a vagina tastes/smells bad, don’t think twice, ask the person to clean themselves efficiently. STIs are not very hard to contract

So in short, apart from all the sexiness, there are a lot of perks to eating a woman out. Why are you reading this article, still?

WRITTEN BY  - Aditya Mohanan



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