Is It Too Hot For Your Daily Cuppa? Fix It With These Hacks!!

We all love and need our daily caffeine fix and this summer is driving us crazy not letting us have our daily cup of cappuccino. It is too hot to indulge in a hot cup of cappuccino, latte or espresso but caffeine has become a very important part of our routines and here are a few options:

Iced Coffee: It not only sticks to its purpose but entirely to its flavour and taste as well. The ice cubes definitely add to the cool aspect as well but the water content will also keep us from being dehydrated.
Iced Tea: It’s not coffee but it’s definitely caffeine and the best thing is its water based and adds tons of required water during the summer. Let’s not forget the million different kinds of flavours it comes in.
Espresso Granitas: Granitas are usually in sweet and lemony flavours like candy but what’s wrong in adding a beautiful twist to your convenience. It’ll not only be another way to have coffee but also super fun.

So use these hacks and indulge in your daily caffeine intake without worrying about heat. Beat The Heat!

WRITTEN BY  - Aashka Parekh



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