Is mandrax spreading in Mumbai after Sacred Games?

Mandrax is a drug that was recently popularized by Netflix's show Sacred Games. Sold as a pill, the drug was originally developed by an Indian scientist as a non-addictive sedative. 

Even in doses between 150mg and 500mg, mandrax can produce states of euphoria, sensual or intimate moods. And this is why the drug is really popular in the city. 

The locals here in Mumbai call it 'button' and also as the poor man's ecstasy. Mandrax pills are sold as cheap as 40rs a piece! But the scarier part is that it takes only about 1 rupee to produce it!

There are thousands of legal and illegal pharmaceutical companies that are producing these drugs across the country. And because of the high-profit margin, the production of this drug never seems to stop.

Mandarax users claim that the drug sends them into an instant state of euphoria and gives them a sudden rush. Mandrax can be smoked, burned, inhaled or consumed directly as a pill. 

While the upper and middle class of Mumbai has switched to Marijuana, the lower class that is the majority population of the city is hooked on to mandrax! It is said to be sold openly in areas like Kurla, Bandra East, Mahim and Jogeshwari. But mandrax is slowly making its way across clubs in Mumbai. 

People are sold mandrax in the name of ecstasy for sky-high profits. it is only after consumption they realise that they have been fooled. Mandrax has really strong side effects such as swollen abdomen, bloodshot eyes, extreme headaches and slurred speech. 

The Mumbai Police's narcotics department is trying to crack down on the people who manufacture and sell these pills across the city. But like any other drug, it may be impossible to completely put a stop on it.

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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