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9th April / Monday / 8 PM/ Party and Dance
Party Hostels Mumbai
When four Mumbai backpacker's hostels come together to party, you know it will be a good one! Join us and our guests for this guaranteed blast on Monday night. With magic, music and more! Magician Ian Fernandes will blow your mind with some crazy tricks. Afterwards the charming guys of Maatiraaga will enchant you with some live music. If that isn't enough to entice you: A bucket of 6 Kingfisher beers will only cost you Rs 600!
Venue : Off The Grid, Andheri West
Tickets : Free

10th April / Tuesday / 7 PM / Stand-up Comedy
Kautuk and Varun : Jokes from the Notes Folder
One thing Varun Thakur and Kautuk Srivastava have in common is that when a thought strikes them, they both jot it down in the notes folder on their phone. Now, they attempt to turn these fleeting musings into formidable comedy. It may not all be funny but it's all-new jokes, fresh from the notes folder!
Venue : The Habitat, Khar West
Tickets : https://in.bookmyshow.com/events/kautuk-and-varun-jokes-from-the-notes-folder/ET00073431

10th April / Tuesday / 8:30 PM / Poetry Open Mic
#BIGMIC Poetry Open Mic hosted by Mohit Kumar
The HIVEs The Big Mic platform is coming to Gostana. India's longest running open mic is committed to showcase new and alternative talent across multiple performance arts. Poetry on The Big Mic is all about 'em feels. Watch new and established talent perform original verses and also catch the very endearing Mohit Kumar!
Venue :  HIVE at Gostana, Andheri West
Tickets : https://insider.in/bigmic-poetry-open-mic-hosted-by-mohit-kumar-april10-2018/event

12th April / Thursday / 8:30 PM / Hindi Rock Music
Euphoria - Thursday Live!
They follow a shadow that they cannot totally perceive and head towards a place that cannot somehow recognize. 14 years back Hindi Rock wasn't coined as just a phrase for hype, it was perhaps the simplest way to describe their music. Catch the legendary Euphoria live on Thursday, and don’t forget to sing along to ‘Maaeri’!
Venue : Hard Rock Cafe, Worli
Tickets : https://insider.in/thursday-live-euphoria-apr12-2018/event

12th April / Thursday / 9 PM / Jazz Music
Time Wise
Time Wise is a labour of love: they love what they do, and can't wait to share it with the world. Born out of conversations, jam sessions, endless cups of chai and the yen to be the change they want to see in the Ahmedabad scene, Time Wise brings together musicians who speak several different 'languages', from the idioms of jazz and blues, to Hindustani classical music. Everything they have heard, and everything they play, feeds into the new lexicon they're inching towards devising together. Don’t forget to catch them live in Mumbai!
Venue : The Quarter, Opera House
Tickets :https://insider.in/time-wise-at-the-quarter-apr12-2018/event

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