Kingfisher Bottles Will Be Entering Gujarat

Yep. You read it right. Kingfisher Bottles will indeed be entering Gujarat but not in the way that must be picturing right now.

The idea has also given birth to fan art on Behance.

United Breweries Limited has come up with a lemon-based drink brand Kingfisher Radler. They’re looking for a future for Kingfisher that goes beyond Beers and in the process going to geographies that are otherwise inaccessible (like Gujarat).

“Radler is going to target everybody who doesn’t drink beer”

The market for soft drinks and juices is way bigger than that of Beer. No wonder UBL is looking for a drink to take over the market. A drink that’s less sugary, that tastes good and something that’s refreshing. UBL says that the Kingfisher Radler contains 30% less sugar than carbonated soft drinks. Which makes sense, given that the Radler is a natural drink that’s made of lemon juice and imported barley malts. The Radler has three flavours - Lemon, Ginger Lime and Mint lime. And just like the Kingfisher Beers, the Kingfisher Radler will be available in 300 ml cans and glass bottles which will be priced at INR 45. 

So, if you’re in Gujarat or Karnataka, you might be the first few people to be able to try this new Kingfisher venture.

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen



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