Learn How to cook authentic Japanese Meal this Weekend

We’ve only seen Japanese food as sushi whereas there’s so much more to it, like Ramen Bowls and Terriyaki treats. 
Magazine Street Kitchen
in Byculla is hosting a Japanese food workshop.

Tell Me More
Here’s where you can learn how to cook authentic Japanese dishes with easily and locally available ingredients so you can cook at home. The intiative which is taken by Japanese Street Kitchen will be a class for 4 hours and is the perferct art to learn this weekend.
The class will be divided into 2 sections: Vegetarian which will be the shiitake mushroom and asparagus gyoza, tempura with yuzu mayo, eggplant teriyaki and shoyu ramen and Non- Vegetarian which will be chicken gyoza, prawn tempura with yuzu mayo, seabass teriyaki and shoyu ramen with roast pork.

What Else?
The end of the session you get to sit down and indulge in the work of art pieces that you’ve learnt and created.
Where: Magazine Street Kitchen, Byculla
When: 15th April, 2018
Time: 10:30am
Entry: Rs. 4,000/-


WRITTEN BY  - Aashka Parekh aashka.parekh95@gmail.com



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