Learn Plant Based Cooking To Shift To A Healthier Life At This Workshop!!

Processed and Junk food doesn’t add any sort of value to our life and that is a universally known fact. This workshop is conducted by 
which is a non-profit organisation that promotes holistic health awareness and will show you how to embrace clean eating and healthy living.

Tell Me More
“Your Health is in Your Hand” is an introductory talk which will be the beginning of the workshop and it will be followed by a cooking demo. The various kinds of healthy dishes you’ll learn to cook are:
- Green smoothie
- Herbal tea
- Masala Milk
- Red rice idli
- Peanut butter salad
- Paneer makhanwala
- Dahi wadas
- Cheese pizza,
- Cookies
- Ice- cream
All of these dishes will be made using healthy ingredients which are good for one’s health.

What Else
The end of the session will take place with a sit down lunch.
Where: 1804, Boulevard 4, Ghatkopar
When: 11:00 am onwards
Entry: Rs.1, 600/-
Link: www.insider.in

WRITTEN BY  - Aashka Parekh aashka.parekh95@gmail.com



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