London Taxi is having St. Patrik’s Day Celebration and this is all you will get tonight!

St. Patriks Day is today and you can head to London Taxi
 and Go green.

Know More:
They have got Irish festivities and beer games lined up for you. Swing by for a game of Beer pong, Flip cup, Chugathon and many more. To drink they have especially curated The Green St. which is mix of Smokey Irish Whiskey, free melon, wheat grass with in-house lemon grass syrup. Binge on Angles Share which is mix of vodka pineapple and basil, kiwi, lime, egg white and celery bitters.

What Else?
They have some great music lined up for you as well. The 90's Kid and Akshay Rajani bringing you the best of Hip Hop and Old School.

WRITTEN BY  - Arth Jain



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