Lower Parel- find out our top picks!!

If you’ve gone out and roamed around in Mumbai, you’ve surely been to Lower Parel. Brimming with people, sky scrapers and restaurants, Lower Parel is one of the most eventful places to be at. Here are our top picks for Lower Parel :

1 . Farzi Cafe :
If you’re really into ambiences that are well executed and yet the food is delicious, then Farzi Cafe is where you belong! They serve modern Indian cuisines with a tacky edge and also, they’re beverages are to die for! The experience begins with an amuse bouche and ends with complete satisfaction.
Recommendations: Pan Bahar, Dal Chawal, Tres Leaches Ras Malai

2 . British Brewing Company :
Ever felt like kicking your meal up with some micro brewed craft beer? British Brewing Company, as the name betrays, serve their own brand of beer alongside their ‘gastronomic’ food items! With an exhaustive collection of alcohol and some amazing food items on their menu, this place is a force to be reckoned with.
Recommendations: Pesto Pasta, Basil Pesto Chicken Pizza, Chicken Skewers

3 . KODE :
KODE is a ‘freestyle’ bar that specializes in European cuisines and getting people drunk. It’s one of the few places where  the food and the ambience blend together as if they they were cooked together in a pot. The place is rumored the be specially good for whisky lover!
Recommendations: Sushis, Pizzas and all the alcohol!

4 . Shizusan Shophouse and Bar : 
One of the first things that you notice as Shizusan is how uniquely the menu describes the food you’re going to be served. If you’re an explorer of tastes, this place will definitely entice your cravings and will also give you a rough understanding of what being in a shophouse feels like!
Recommendations: Manila's Halo Halo Sundae, Jajanjgmyeon Noodles, Cashew Chicken, Sriracha Blush

5 . Grandmama’s Cafe : 
This cozy little joint will make you indulge in an effervescent sensation that only Grandmama’s food can make you feel. The golden-green ambience coupled with the warm aroma of the foods is enough to make you wanna go there again.
Recommendations: Harissa Fish Skewers, Chocolate Oreo Shake, Grandmama’s Roast Chicken

WRITTEN BY  - Aditya Mohanan adityamohanan@gmail.com



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