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Major forest fire breaks out in Goregaon
A major forest fire broke out in Goregaon East and damaged an area of approximately 4Kms. The fire broke out at 6 in the evening and was bought under control by creating a barrier using tree branches. The fire was on the top of a hill so there was no way to take water up to the scene.

UP cop shot dead by mob over cow slaughter issue
A Police officer in UP was shot dead after he tried calming an angry mob of protesters who were rioting over alleged cow slaughter. The mob attacked the police station and even torched police vehicles in the Shyana area of the Bulandshahr district.

BJP promises to rename Hyderabad as Bhagyanagar
The BJP has decided to play the Hindutva card yet again as in a rally ahead of the 2019 elections, Yogi Adityanath promised the people that Hyderabad would be renamed to Bhagyanagar if BJP comes to power. 

Virgin aims to start their commercial space tour by end of this year!
Sir Richard Branson has announced this Virgin  Airlines's space program is all set to take tourists into space by Christmas. He said that his astronauts will do a couple of test runs on the spacecraft after which he will be the first tourist to go into space. A ticket on the spacecraft would cost approximately 1.7 crores and the craft will fly at a speed of 3700Kmph and will take the passengers 80KM above the Earth's surface.

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