Man Eats Pizza Every Day For 37 Years

Remember when you were a kid, and if you were too picky about your food, your mom wouldn’t give you a choice? You had to eat the vegetables, the dal and rice, the whatever was made at home. You were told that a junk free diet leads to a healthy life.

And then comes along 41-year-old Mike Roman, with his podcast about eating pizza every day for 37 years, and all I can think about is- how did your parents agree to that? For 30 years, he had pizza, twice a day, every day. He was 4 when his obsession with pizza started. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit/an addiction. Who in their right mind, fed pizzas to a 4-year-old, 21 days straight?

And what’s more, he eats the same pizza every day, which is a plain pizza, that means no toppings. He does NOT get bored of it! Recently his diet has started evolving to include peanut butter sandwiches for a midday-snack. What does he eat the rest of the day? They conveniently forgot to mention the rest of his diet. A human can’t survive the entire day of Peanut butter sandwiches and just a slice of pizza. I think there’s a catch. I guess we’ll never get.

He even planned his wedding with Pizza served at cocktail hour and at the reception. His Honeymoon was in Aruba because they make pizza. All this Pizza and he still looks fine and has doesn’t seem to have any major health problems. Curious, isn’t it?

What is the one thing that you’d eat every day?

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen



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