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Massive fire after oil tanker crash in Wadala, Mumbai
A Massive fire broke out in Mumbai's Wadala area on Monday night after an oil tanker crashed and burst into flames. The tanker accidentally hit a tempo and lost balance before exploding. The driver of the tanker died in the explosion and the driver of the tempo was injured.

Khargar residents nurse Injured stray who was pregnant
While most residential societies in the country ban the entry of stray dogs, a society in Kharghar let an Injured stray who was pregnant with three pups into their compound. The stray was probably hit by a vehicle and could not walk. But now that she has delivered three healthy pups, she ill undergoes treatment at a shelter.

Jackie Chan's daughter confirms marriage to Canadian girlfriend
Jackie Chan's daughter Etta Ng shared a picture with her wife Andi Autumn while holding up their marriage certificate. While Gay Star News reported that Jackie Chan is supportive of her sexuality, media reports show that Jackie has never had any sort of relationship with Etta. The couple had released a video earlier this year in which they said that they were homeless because of homophobic parents.

5th accident at the same spot in Mumbai
Locals around a now regular accident spot in Mumbai's Dadar East say that the cheap quality of paver blocks are to blame for endangering the lives of motorists. The accident spot took the lives of a four-month-old child and his mother. In 2016, the BMC announced that paver blocks would not be used on roads anymore. However, they are still being used to fill up potholes across the city.

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