Mastani- The Story Behind Pune's Favourite Dessert

The moment we hear the word Mastani, we think about Peshwa Bajirao and his lover, the beautiful Mastani. And believe it or not, she has a contribution to why Pune's favourite dessert drink is called the Mastani.

The Mastani is a thick milkshake that is topped off with a giant scoop of ice cream, dry fruits, syrup or fresh fruits. 

According to the proprietor of an age-old joint known as Gujjar Cold Drink, when his grandfather sold this drink to the people, they used to compliment him by saying 'Mast Ahe'(It's really good.) 

And since he found the drink beautiful and since people fell in love with it, he decided to name it Mastani after the Peshwa's lover.  

Over the years, the Mastani has changed a lot. The original Mastani was a mango flavoured drink often served with chunks of fresh mango. But then the creator realised that he needs to add more varieties so that he can sell it after the mango season. So he started experimenting with other syrups like strawberry and chocolate. Soon, other shops picked up the trend and started making their own versions of the drink.

In today's time, there are over 30 different kinds of Mastanis available at any given shop in Pune! The people of Pune love to fill up on the thick shake before bed. The Mastani has become an integral part of Pune's culture. 

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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