McDonald's Employee Picks Customer Service Over Co-Worker's Life

Ever been to a McDonalds? Remember walking in there because you knew you’d get your food ASAP? Isn’t that mostly why any of us go there?
The other side of the counter must be real smooth sailings for the orders to flow out fast and warm. Or so you’d think.

There was an incident on November 18th, at a McDonald's drive-in, in California. A female customer, inside the outlet, was disgruntled about being denied more ketchup sachets and started a fist fight, with one of the employees, that made it to the kitchen and then into the drive-in order booth. The employee at the drive-in counter was dragged into the fight as she tried to help break the fight apart. In the middle of all the punching and shouting and pushing, the employee ran tot he window and handed the order to the customer in the car outside. Then she resumed trying to break the fight. It was another customer who finally broke the fight, the guy probably knew the crazy ketchup woman.

To have mental space to serve the customer first and deal with every other shit that comes at you has to be some special training that they go through at these fast food joints. They surely don’t take their fast food title lightly.

The Police Officer who came to the scene said “We're actually grateful for the service he provided; he stopped the assault. She's the one that committed the crime. There’s no reason to physically assault someone because you didn't get enough ketchup”.

What a fine observation officer. Wow! I’ve always judged someone who loves ketchup on food, but this was next level! How far would you go for your ketchup?

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen



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