Meet Mastanamma, the 106-year-old food Youtuber!

106-year-old Karre Mastanamma of Andhra Pradesh is the oldest Youtuber that makes food-related content! She has over 1.2 million subscribers on her youtube channel and is known for her traditional Indian cooking style. Unlike most YouTubers who cook in a kitchen, Mastanamma does all her cooking outdoor in the middle of paddy fields.

Mastanamma was married when she was 11 years old and was widowed by the time she was 22. She has been taking care of her family ever since and has been cooking since a very early age. Her great-grandson recognised her cooking talent and decided to upload her videos on youtube. 

Despite having access to resources, Mastanamma prefers cooking on a mud stove using coal and also uses earthen utensils to give her dishes a certain kind of flavour. She never cooks small portions. All her food is cooked in large quantities and she gets offended if you eat only a small portion of her food!

Mastanamma is passionate about cooking and feeding people. She loves experimenting and comes up with some of the most interesting dishes. Her watermelon chicken recipe is something that I have been wanting to try for a long time! 

Despite coming from a small village, her cooking is Very intricate! She once made an egg curry that was cooked inside hollowed out tomatoes! Internationally respected chefs often watch and share her videos as they are stunned by the innovative dishes Mastanamma comes up with. 

You can check out her Videos here.

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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