Interview : Death Metal Band PLAGUE THROAT members are not so particular about the food!

Plague Throat is a death metal band from Shillong and certainly one of the biggest names from metal in the country. From playing various berserk gigs across the country to the legendary Wacken Open Air, they’ve been conquering metal fans all over the planet. They’re currently on their Decimation tour, so we were lucky to be able to catch them for an interview. Here’s a few questions we had that were answered by guitarist/vocalist Nangsan :

Q . How did the band come to exist? What is the story behind the name?
Nangsan : It was back in 2005 -2006, my cousin brother, who is the drummer, and I started jamming and writing songs. We had a couple of other members, a guitarist and a bassist who left later on, so for now it’s just us. About the name, my cousin came up with that. It had some sort of a meaning to it, but I can’t recall it anymore *laughing*.


Q . The music scene in the North East is vastly different from the rest of India. How was you music received there?
A : It’s more or less the same everywhere. People don’t pay for gigs, don’t buy albums. It’s not like what it looks like on social media. It’s the same as Bombay and Bangalore. And the worst part is that there are no venues over there, so gigs have to be held in open air venues, which are very expensive. Cops don’t allow metal gigs to happen.  


Q . You guys played at the prestigious metal fest Wacken Open Air in 2014. How would you describe the experience?
A : I have no words to describe that. It was a surreal experience, a dream come true. I never expected that. The Arts and Culture department of the government helped us out with the funding. Although it wasn’t an easy thing, we had to keep pushing them for a year and a half or so.


Q . The cuisine in Shillong and the rest of the North East is quite different from the food you find here. What do you guys look forward to eating when y’all come to Mumbai?
A : Haha, I don’t know man. Regarding food, anything is good. We’ll eat anything that’s tasty!

Q .On a scale of 1-10, how much would you say that the band likes alcohol? And what is your favorite choice of drink?
A : I like alcohol, but the drummer doesn’t. Hahaha, maybe a 6-7. Depends on what it is. Preferably beer, and depends on what kind of beer it is.


Q . What advice do you have for bands that are trying to make it?
A : If you want to make money or fame, metal is not for you, man. Just keep working hard, and one day it’ll work out!


We would like to thank Nangsan for taking his time out to talk to us. Plague Throat released their album ‘The Human Paradox’ in 2017 and are currently on their Decimation Tour. Catch them live Sunday 1st April at HRC Worli
at 8:30 PM!

WRITTEN BY  - Aditya Mohanan



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