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Binge Daily brings you some of the top news highlights from around the world.
Faziabad will now be called as Ayodhya:Yogi Adityanath
UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath renamed Faziabad district as Ayodhya. There was a huge ceremony where the state also set a Guinness world record for lighting over three lac oil lamps. The CM also announced that a new medical college would be named after King Dashrath and a new airport will be named after Lord Ram.
Delhi will celebrate a cracker free Diwali this year
With the rising levels of pollution, a ban has been enforced on the sale and use of firecrackers in Delhi. The police are currently tracking down people on people selling and bursting old firecrackers. The police has been asked to be extra vigilant and increase patrolling in certain areas of the city.
China reveals their new 'Heavenly Palace' space station
As the international space station is set to retire in 2024, China has just unveiled their brand new space station, the heavenly palace. China plans to finish the construction of the station by 2022. China will soon open their lab to scientists from around the world to work on the project. Astronauts from a few other countries have already reached china and are taking training to work on the space station.
Drake calls Athiya Shetty 'MyShetty' and a true godess
Fans of actress Athiya Shetty showered her with birthday wishes on Social media but it was one tweet that raised eyebrows. Americal Rapper-Singer Drake tweeted out to Athiya Shetty on her birthday. He wrote,"Happy Birthday to my SHETTY a true goddess.Guess who's watching Mubarakan 3 times on the tour bus in your honor." After observing their activity on social media, netizens wonder if they are in a relationship.

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