Wine Marathon | A Ridiculous Race of Food Fun and WINE

“It isn’t about getting a good time – it’s about having a good time.”

You read it right, it's a wine tasting marathon. The Marathon du Médoc in France lets you run through and past vineyards interspersed with activities like musical breaks, food and obviously, wine tasting. They say it's the longest marathon, which doesn't surprise us, because imagine thousands of drunk people running through an obstacle course!


It sounds hilarious and slightly dangerous and hell, it makes us want to try it (we might end up just sitting in the middle, eating and drinking).

What does this marathon have?

What doesn't it have? It has 23 different wine tasting stops, 23 orchestras scattered around the course and French food! Cheese platters and oysters and steaks and ice cream. What makes it better is that everyone runs in costume, well 90% of everyone. How fun is that? It's like Halloween meets Christmas in Alice's wonderland.

Clearly, this marathon doesn’t follow the usual marathon rules and unlike other marathons, this one is not about making it to the finish line in good time. As Fabre told The Guardian in 2014, “Year after year, the Marathon du Médoc proves you can be healthy and safe while appreciating fine food, wine and our beautiful region. It isn’t about getting a good time – it’s about having a good time.”

Their theme this year is “Amusement Park”.

They have a HUGE pre-marathon dinner where thousands of participants gather at a local chateau for a beautifully ginormous pasta banquet. The pasta is obviously accompanied by the best local wines. What better way to prep for drinking than drinking. Right? It totally makes sense!

There’s also a post-marathon stroll through the local vineyards to help you culminate this gastrically-challenged feat.

When is this?

On the 8th of September (2018). The field is limited to 8,500 runners and sells out quickly, so runners have to enter early to guarantee their spot.
They are now open for entries, tickets are £77, with upgrades available to enjoy the pre- or post- race pasta feasts.

What do you get out of it?

How is that even a question? You have a good time. You have the best food and wine in France. You get a medal (if you finish the race within 6 hours and 30 minutes) and you get a souvenir bottle of wine and engraved red wine glasses along with that medal.

You know where your September trip is going to be, right? You can’t go anywhere else after finding out about this!

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen



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