Mumbai's First Floating Restaurant Capsized Yesterday!!

Mumbai’s famous floating restaurant 
Ark Deck and Bar
sank at 7:15pm on 25th May, 2018. To Mumbai’s horror luckily there were no fatalities and everyone on board is safe. Located near the Bandra Worli Sea Link on the waters of our sea the tragedy took place.


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It had launched in January, 2018 and sank on 25th May, 2018. According to the news reported there was a shift in anchor because of the weather change and change in currents. Been around only for 5 months sank on 25th May cause of a shift in anchorage and the anchor got hit by rock. There were atleast 15 people of the staff who were on the ship at that time but were rescued safely. There are speculations that due to the big tidal waves of Mekuni Cyclone the anchor lost its control and shifted. It was in the news that a vessel should only be permitted until it's 30yrs old where as Ark was a 50yr old vessel.

What Else
There are 2 more floating restaurant AB Celestial and Mumbai Maiden, which are all going to be got to shore since the monsoon season is around the corner.

WRITTEN BY  - Aashka Parekh



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