Must Visit Spots for a Lit Instagram

As per how the new trends are going everything not only needs to have value but also needs to look equally appealing. The way Instagram has taken over the society is crazy. Everyone and every venture are there on Instagram and uploading pictures of their products.
Since the look of things has gained so much importance, the restaurants are putting in that much effort in making their places and dishes up to the mark and giving presentation an amazing deal of importance.
Here are a few places you have to visit not only for how lovely their food is but also cause the presentation and décor of these places is going to make your Instagram lit.

Candy & Green
the vibrant pastel décor of this place will instantly lift up your mood and will give you the perfect summer vibe. It not only has a lovely décor but also a much curated menu with the kind of dishes you must’ve never heard of before.

Riverside Rose Café
This tiny little café on the busy street of Juhu will instantly teleport you to Paris. The beautiful pink and white décor with mirrors and dainty yellow lights gives the perfect Parisian feel. One must definitely click a lot of pictures here and try their desserts which are a specialty.

Sequel Bistro & Juice Bar
The salad bowls and the smoothies here are so pretty you’ll forget what junk food is. It is located on Linking road in bandra and is the perfect spot for some post shopping indulgence. This place keeps you away from calories also and gives you lovely pictures for your Instagram.

Korner House
With a really interesting décor and an outdoor section this place is perfect for lunches and those Sunday brunches as you will not stop clicking pictures and all your contacts are going to want to party with you next weekend.

WRITTEN BY  - Aashka Parekh



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