My Coke Has Caffeine In It!

By now, we all have either heard or read of the fact that the cola that we drink, contains caffeine.  But how much? You know that it’s enough to get you hooked, also enough to stain your teeth, but is it all because of the caffeine? Are there other things that we drink without realising the amount of caffeine we’re consuming?

The caffeine in Coke and Coke Zero sugar, and other such drinks, contribute to the taste of it and it is the sugar mixed with the caffeine that gives you energy. Whereas Energy drinks, which don’t at all LOOK like they have caffeine, are actually more caffeinated than your can of Coke! It’s the caffeine along with other energy boosters that help you pull an all-nighter. Red-bull isn’t just a magic drink that keeps you awake.

Even your plain chocolate bar has more caffeine than a can of coke. Surprising, right?

Here’s something you might not have realised- while your instant coffee and tea are sorta high on the caffeine chart, Filter coffee is where the caffeine is most potent. Probably because of the use of fresh ground coffee beans instead of the instant mix that contains additives.


Now you know where to get the best caffeine fix, don’t you? Fresh Roast all the way!

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen



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