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Nasa bids goodbye to the Kepler Space Telescope
After helping the humankind get a deeper look into space for almost 10 years, the Kepler space telescope has officially been retired. The MVP telescope has helped us discover thousands of planets and celestial bodies in space.

Anti #Metoo march in Delhi on men's day!
A group of men in Delhi think that men are being victimised in the ongoing #MeToo campaign. These men who are part of a men's rights group, walked through Delhi's Connaught Place, demanding an end to harassment of men. 

After the statue of unity, India to build worlds largest Shiva statue
Owing to the current obsession with statues that our government has, India is currently building the worlds largest Shiva statue. The monument is located in Nathdwara, Rajasthan. 85% of the work on this statue has been completed and upon completion, this will be the 4th largest statue in the world.

Kolkata is now the most polluted city in the country
The Air quality index that showed an overall PM2.5 count in Kolkata stood at 381 which is very poor compared to Delhi where the AQI was recorded at 292. Environmentalists claim that while Delhi is trying their level best to deal with the poor air quality, Kolkata is taking things lightly. There are only two AQI monitoring facilities in Kolkata while there are 19 in Delhi. 

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