Never store eggs in your refrigerator door!

Almost every refrigerator in the world comes with an egg tray installed in the door and most of us store our eggs in the designated storage area. 

However, a recent study has proven that storing eggs in the door makes them go bad faster and also make the yolk lose its nutrients. 

The refrigerator door is constantly opened and this subjects the eggs to rapid temperature changes. The change in temperature often weakens the shell of the egg and kickstarts the rotting process of the egg.

So it is advisable to get an additional egg rack to store your eggs on a shelf in the fridge. Despite opening the door of the fridge, the temperature of on the shelf is pretty much constant hence the eggs would last longer.

The refrigerator door is good for storing liquids such as Milk, water, ketchup and sauces as they have better packaging and a better shelf life. However, avoid storing eggs in the rack provided by the manufacturer!

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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