Indian Team aren't allowed Beef on their Menu in Australia because Desi Twitter threw a fit about the menu!

Criticism has been a part of Indian cricket team's daily stake, even with all the success that the team has achieved. But nevertheless, this time it's not the team that is under the scanner, rather the food they are served, when on a tour has taken the headlines.

The existence of beef on the lunch menu for the Indian Cricket team, during the Lords Test in England this year, has raised the bar of criticism. Hence, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has reportedly told Cricket Australia to exclude beef from Team India's menu during the upcoming tour, starting later this month.

Instead of the team performance on the field, it was the food spread across the table, that took the internet by the storm. As BCCI posted a picture of the menu the team was served, left the Indian cricket fans with a new reason to disapprove.

So, now the cricket board has taken measures to be pro-active even for what the cricketers will gorge on their official tour, abroad. Ahead of India's tour to Australia, the BCCI has sent an advance party to the country, to prep the hosts about the series. As per reports, the team had asked for the inclusion of a clause in the Memorandum of Understanding between BCCI and Cricket Australia, regarding the removal of beef from the menu. The aforementioned inspection team has also asked Cricket Australia to arrange smooth travel, practice and more Indian dietary arrangements for the players. The team also requested to provide the boys with more vegetarian food items on the menu, and enough supply of fruits.

"Players often complain about the blandness of food served in Australia. There are a few vegetarians in the team who really struggle at the grounds. The inspection team has also roped in an Indian restaurant in Australia to supply curries to the boys," quoted from a source who is aware of the developments.

So, hopefully, this time the players will have a great stay at the Aussie land with some of the healthy and tasty options to satisfy their hunger pangs, after every well-played match.

WRITTEN BY  - Chitranka Chowdhury



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