Not your usual kind of DATE NIGHT!

 The Lovefools
 is run by Chef Sarita Pereira, who doesn’t consider it dinner unless it covers four continents, goes on for four hours, and you talk about it for days. They take a week to prepare the best dinner meal and experience for you keeping in mind the peeves of every guest.


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Want to take your special someone on a new and intimate kind of date? Then this is the place to be at. The Lovefools is a dinner lab and believes that cooking and dinning is a form of art and makes sure you get a masterpiece experience. They experiment with flavours and cuisines match your tastebuds and all in all give you an experience to remember.

What Else?
Set in a cozy villa overlooking Pali Naka in Bandra gives the perfect private and cozy setting. The meals are served in 8 courses along with some really delicious artisanal ice cream on Saturday nights at community tables. They have trial Tuesdays which is for experimental dinners and can also book for private dinners on request with an 8 course meal and a line of small batch of artisanal ice creams.

WRITTEN BY  - Aashka Parekh



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