Our 5 Top Delivery-Only Places In Mumbai That You Need To Try Out

There’s so much good for in this world, but we don’t always get the chance to taste it. Not every home-cook or chef has the luxury of a restaurant to share their love for food, and for that reason, we have cloud kitchens now. Now these chefs can serve food directly to your doorstep! These are some of the clean places that you should order from.

Coma Coma

If you’re lazy and you’re craving for some Mexican food, this is it. Coma Coma HAS to be your choice. They have big juicy burritos and trust us, this is the only place where you’ll get some legit good Indo-Tex-Mex.

Location: Bandra West
Call: +91 8767784376
Cost for two: INR 700


Pure vegetarian food at your doorstep. You can place orders by the Kilo, which sorts out your party meals if you’re going for Indian flavours. What’s more, if you need, they’ll also send you a person to serve the food. Now you can throw the party, not cook the food and not bother about serving food to people! How cool is that?

Cost for two: INR 500


A new name in Andheri, Kuiristo is a peculiar one. These guys will deliver to anywhere around Andheri West, but there’s a catch, it’s all pre-ordered. It’s Home-made Happiness people! It needs to be fresh, so orders are taken a day before via Instagram DM and only the best produce is used and only the amount of food ordered is cooked to minimise wastage
The chef puts up the next day’s menu on Instagram and you can go ahead and order it via DM. They experiment with their menu and on special requests, they’ll always take your taste buds into consideration.

Instagram: Kuiristo 

Biryani by Kilo

Three Words- Briyani. Handi. Eco-Friendly. BAM! Biryani by Kilo is what you need to get if you’re looking for some rustic tastes. They send you the food in handis which are microwavable. You can reuse the handis (for cooking/pottery) after you’re done eating or you can throw it away without a worry because it’s environment-friendly.

Location: Andheri East
Call: +91 9555212212 | +91 9212199888
Cost for two: INR 700


This place has been a saviour on days when I couldn’t figure out what to eat at home. The rates are very good considering the quantity of food that you receive. It’s yummy and looks pretty. The flavours are familiar, and it’s food that’ll fill your tummy. They have nice breakfast options.

Cost for two: INR 700

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen shubhrojasen@bingedaly.in



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