Our Favourite Beer Joint Has Finally Opened Doors In BKC And It Is 1+1 All Day Long On Drinks

Our one and only 
 Irish House
is opening an outlet in the newly famous neighbourhood of BKC. Irish House is launching its new outlet on the 24th of May and they are opening with a bang.

Tell Me More
At the launch of their new outlet the BKC outlet is giving the first 500 BEERS ON THE HOUSE. Yes you heard that right.
They are also having all day Unconditional happy hours on their entire bar menu from 24th to 31st for their week long launch party!!
They have also added 24 beer taps for draught and craft beers at this new awesome location.

What Else
We suggest you grab your beer buddies and go for the week long launch party of Irish House only this week starting on 24th May, 2018.

WRITTEN BY  - Aashka Parekh aashka.parekh95@gmail.com



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