Paneer is one of the best night time snacks according to Florida State University!

A group of researchers at Florida State University have found that consuming about 30 grams of protein about 30 minutes before bedtime is really good for your health!

While we Indians are used to really heavy meals for dinner, it is always advisable to eat light before going to bed. A recent study claims that eating a protein filled snack like cottage cheese aka Paneer before bed has a positive effect on muscle quality, metabolism and overall health!

Until now, researchers have had no evidence that whole foods would have the same effect as supplemental protein on the human body. 

Micheal Ormsbee, an associate professor at Florida State University said in a statement that their discovery is important as it adds to the body of literature that indicates that whole foods work just as well as protein supplementation and it gives people options for pre-sleep nutrition that go beyond powers and shaker bottles.

The team at FSU is really glad about the results of their tests as this research will also help while examining more pre-food choices and the optimal choices that can aid people in recovering and repairing their body after working out.

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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