Parekh & Singh are coming back to Mumbai with a Royal Show you shouldn't miss!


For the first time in their four-year career, Kolkata-based dream-pop duo Parekh & Singh
 will perform their songs like you’ve never heard them before, in collaboration with a Western classical string quartet comprising two violins, a viola and a cello.

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The duo, made up of singer and multi-instrumentalist Nischay Parekh and percussionist Jivraj Singh, will play all the tracks from their widely-acclaimed debut album 'Ocean' and most of the tunes from the upcoming follow-up, in new arrangements for a string quartet, put together by composer, drummer and artistic director of The Quarter, Ranjit Barot.

The tag line of the show Strings and Dreams was chosen for two reasons. It’s “been a dream for us” to perform with a Western classical music ensemble, says Parekh, for whom strings will always be connected with dreams. “The first time I heard strings was in a Disney film when a character was dreaming,” he says. “I’ve always associated floaty, orchestral music with a romantic, dream-like atmosphere.” Romantic and dream-like, it so happens, is how many fans would describe the duo’s distinct sound.


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The last time Parekh & Singh performed at antiSOCIAL, there were many who were stranded outside the venue cause the show was sold out. Book your tickets to this royal show now or regret it later.


WRITTEN BY  - Aprtim Agarwal



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