Parthiv Shah, the Indian Spiderman who loves eating Chole Bhature! | Interview

When he is not roaming around the city in a skin-tight spiderman costume, Parthiv is a social media influencer. He is a known personality in the Indian E-sports and Cosplay community. Parthiv who goes by the name ScorpyHazashi also manages a number of Pop Culture communities on social media. When he is not working on social media campaigns for big brands, he is seen bringing smiles to faces at the children's hospital! I had the chance to Interview Parthiv to get an Insight in his life. Here is what he had to say!

How did you become such a big social media influencer? Where did you begin your online journey?
"I had never thought about becoming an influencer, not in the slightest. When I first joined Facebook in 2010, it was only to connect with people and play Farmville, which was a trend back then. I only realized what social media had to offer much later, when I decided to start communities and pages for simply personal benefits - uploading fan theories, connecting with like-minded people and looking for interesting fan art. It was more of a forum at that time. Quickly, followers started coming in and I had no idea what to do, I was just happy! I had multiple meme pages, superhero communities and communities dedicated to popular TV shows. In the last 3 - 4 years, I started seeing the effect of monetizing the content and directing your own followers to something else; and that "something else" would be what my clients would pay me for. Long story short, I finally learnt to leverage the people who followed me into also following/liking other topics of interest which would usually be sponsored."

When and why did you put on a Spiderman costume for the first time?
"When I was in College, I started my own little company where I used to work with different brands and help them get sales by managing their digital marketing strategies along with using my own personal influence with my followers. For that, these companies usually sent me custom-made products to review and create related content with it, so I could try and insert those with my regular content and get them a lot of activity. Some of these companies made superhero suits; and being a comic book fan, I didn't really mind wearing whatever they sent me. Funny thing - Since I'm really skinny, it took them a lot of time to custom size leather/costumes with materials other than lycra and spandex. Since they wanted to send me suits quite often, they started bombarding me with Spider-Man suits. As of now, I own more than 20 different varieties of Spider-Man, all thanks to these companies." 


Apart from spiderman what other costumes do you like getting into?
"I love getting into all kinds of costumes! In fact, Spider-Man was my last choice! I really like putting on costumes that have multiple layers/parts and accessories, it's fun. My favourite would be the Flash suit if I had to choose."

What kind of content do you make for your followers with these costumes?
"In the past, I used to make normal, super cringey and awkward reviews where I simply spoke about the product and its quality and then showed myself wearing it. I had less freedom of choosing the type of content since the brands I worked with had certain restrictions and I could not add a lot. Even though the content worked pretty well, I was not satisfied with it, since every second person was into creating a similar type of content. As time passed, I became frustrated with my content and simply decided to make what I wanted. All of my videos include a surreal aspect and have a meme theme attached to it. I don't speak about the product at all, it's just there in front of your face the whole time. The only time you see me actually advertise the product, is usually at the end, where I just attach links to their costumes/props/any other product used."


What is the weirdest thing someone has asked you to do in a costume?
"Oh, let's not go there! I've been asked to do a lot of weird things that have made me go from "lol" to "wait, are you for real?" Let's just say certain brands and people have very very weird video requests and even weirder kinks!"

How is your experience at Children's hospitals?
"When I saw the kids for the first time, I was heartbroken by the condition they were in. But meeting sick children and lifting their spirits is one of the most beautiful feelings I've ever felt. I crave for more opportunities like these!"

What kind of food does the Indian Spiderman like? Is he a big foodie?
"I am definitely a foodie! I love gorging on anything that is Italian or Mexican. I also love trying out different kinds of Iced Teas. However, Indian street food has to top the list for me. I love street meat like Shawarma and I love basics like Chole Bhature!"


You can check out some of Parthiv's whacky work here!

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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