Pizza is BAE? These subsitutes help you make your pizza healthy

Pizza is true love. It’s the go to food for a lot of people and answer to a lot of our problems. But anything in excess is harmful for the body including pizza as it involves, bread and cheese. The love for pizza will never fade, but we can accommodate a few changes to the way we consume it. Listed before are a few ways you can make and eat a healthy pizza

1.    Khakhra Pizza
It’s one of the most innovative ways to eat a pizza. If done well, it’s as appealing as a regular pizza. Imagine eating a thin crust pizza. It’s exactly that with a little more crunch. Add your toppings to any regular khakhra along with the sauce and taste the magic. Add two khakhras for a better version. They also have pizza khakhra available in the market. It’s quick to make and all the ingredients are available at home.

2.    Grate Paneer instead of cheese
Most of the times we feel, the more the cheese on a pizza, the better the pizza. Try grating paneer over the pizza. Gives a similar taste and texture, thus helping our mind to believe the same. 

3.    Go Green with pizza
Use all the leafy vegetables that you normally avoid in your diet. Pizza is delicious and you will like it even if you don’t like one of the ingredient. So go green with your pizza and make it healthier.

4.    Thepla Pizza
Thepla is a staple diet of most households in Mumbai. It is also commonly used while travelling. Using thepla as the base of any pizza, helps you avoid bread, thus lowering fat intake. 

5.    Fruit Pizza
Ever wondered about a fruit pizza? Try making the base of the picture with watermelon slices cut in triangles. Top it with variety of fruits as toppings. From grapes, melons and kiwis, use all your favorite fruits to make your fruits pizza.

WRITTEN BY  - Devanshi Shah



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