Possibly The Best Ramen In The City: Izumi [Newly Opened]

“You can pick the sushi up with your fingers"

As the fascination with Japanese food keeps rising in India, even more so in Mumbai, we see this sukoshi (“little” in Japanese), anyway, we see this sukoshi restaurant starting to rise just a little higher than the others in Bandra.


is primarily a Ramen and Sushi place. It is all about the intricacies of Japanese cuisine. Izumi will show you that Japanese food is not all about the fish but has a LOT of healthy and vegan options as well.

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Chef Nooresha Kably is the creative genius behind Izumi and its food. She focuses on teaching her diners a little bit about the Japanese tradition of eating. Even their Instagram page is very clean and educative. It teaches you what a particular type of dish is called, its meaning and followed by a photo of what the dish is supposed to look like. Very aesthetically pleasing. Check out Izumi’s Instagram.

Izumi is an experience. People have waited for over two hours and have no complaints because the food made them forget about everything. You can’t be mad at good food.

The food

Everything that is served at Izumi is created with utmost care and effort. The pork broth is slow-cooked for over eight hours. They do NOT compromise on the flavours. Even the veg broth takes 2 hours. They use different treatments to serve the same broth but make each of them taste unique.

There are two vegan broths for vegetarians. One is a veg shoyu and the other is a miso broth that is creamy with soy milk and is also served in a curry flavour (Japanese curry). The veg broths are so good that it is capable of making non-vegetarians choose it over meat broths.

You can see sushi being rolled out live and also see the sashimi being cut. When The City Story asked Chef Nooresha how sushi was meant to be eaten, she said - “You can pick the sushi up with your fingers. No dipping in soy as we put a nikiri sauce and garnish to complement it. And there’s no need to apply wasabi either and it’s already been put between the rice and seafood or vegetables. Even with rolls like uramaki, maki, hosomaki, futomaki – the flavours are all there. Maybe you need a touch of soy or wasabi.”

I had to put this out there so you knew how to enjoy their sushi in the best way possible.

Recommendations: Spicy Ramen, Veg Shoyu Ramen, Chutoro sashimi, Tuna Zuke, Seared sashimi, Sugoi Maki

They do not take reservations, so try to get there early.

Location: Bandra West. Click for directions.
Contact: +91 9004984476 | +91 9821214167???????
Cost for two: INR 2100

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen shubhrojasen@bingedaly.in



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