PUBG and Party Here To Win Free Food!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Have you played PUBG? Are you any good at it? Come, prove it.


Raasta Bombay
is calling all gamers to the first ever Gaming Party in Mumbai. With music, beer and a Live PUBG Challenge. Winner gets a chicken dinner and a beer! (I’m sure they’ll alter it if you’re vegetarian. y tho?)

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Raasta Bombay is a funky Caribbean lounge which pays tribute to the legendary talents of Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Cliff among others. The CEO, COO and CTO’s of Rasta are three hardcore gamers and they absolutely love to party, so they came up with this beauty of an idea to mash both of their favourite things. There’ll be music by DJ Vron, DJ Tan and DJ Doreko. That’s a lot of good music under one roof!

The party starts at 3PM and goes on until 1AM.


There are three ways to win at this party this Sunday (2nd September), so read carefully-

1. Win at the Live gaming challenge with your PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Gang and the winners get a chicken dinner on the house along with a pint of beer.

2. Cosplay as PUBG characters and the best costume wins undisclosed prizes!!

3. Take an epic photo in Erangel or Miramar, while carrying your favourite weapon or helmet (they’ll have a Photo Booth) and the best photos also win guaranteed prizes.

All this sounds way too fancy to be able to afford it, right? Well, their cover charge is just INR 500 for stags and INR 1000 for couples. So basically it’s INR 500 for everyone. Yay Equality!

Go register NOW! Click here. ???????

You can also use your Zomato Gold and get a 1+1 on all the food that you order.

Time: 3PM - 1PM
When: 2nd September, Sunday.

Location: Khar. Click for directions.
Call: 022 3312 6123
Cost for two: INR 1500

Photo credit: newsweek (file image)

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen



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