Red Wine or Craft Beer? Who Scores When it Comes to Good Health!

Several studies have suggested that a glass of red wine can be good for your health. There are also tales about a 100-year old attributing her long life to the drink. But guess what? We’ve all been proved wrong by this new study, which favours craft beers over red wine.

A new research conducted by California’s Polytechnic State University states that B3 Vitamin found in brewers yeast lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, reduces cholesterol and atherosclerosis. There are relatively fewer instances of heart disease and of type-2 diabetes on a scale that’s comparable, if not, for much, than if you were drinking red wine, according to the university’s verdict.

Well, craft beers may score higher on the health-o-meter, when compared to red wine. Though this is not necessarily true for all other commercially produced beers that can be available in every other nook and corner since these varieties have actually lost their health benefits during the pasteurization process.

WRITTEN BY  - Arth Jain



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