Samosa: How this middle eastern dish is here to stay in India!

It is a lesser known fact that the now staple delicacy Samosa is not an Indian dish! The origin of the Samosa can be traced to the middle east in the 12th century. A lot of middle eastern poets have mentioned and the 'Sanbosag' in their works. 

The Samosa was introduced to India somewhere between the 13th and 14th century by Central Asian traders. In today's time, Samosas have become a daily consumable in India. 

The samosa as a dish gives the maker a lot of creative freedom. The method of preparation and taste of the Samosa is different in each state. Even the way of serving the dish varies from place to place.

Some people like to have the Samosa with nothing but chutney, some have it stuffed inside a pav. The Samosa also serves as a great base for a number of Chaat dishes. Some places prepare the Chaat with sweet Dahi and some places top it off with steaming hot Chole!

Over the years people have experimented with the samosa in every way possible. People have made Chocolate Samosas, Banana Samosas and even Mutton Kheema Samosas!

While Samosas are available at literally every street corner in Mumbai, I am loyal to a few places in the city. Some of the best Samosas can be found at  Gurukripa in soon. They serve a ton of Samosa based dishes too!

But my most favourite samosa in the city has to be the Pure Ghee fried Samosa made by Tewari Bros in Sion. These Samosas cost 24 rupees a piece and just one is enough to fill you up.

While street food items come and go, the Samosa is here to stay!

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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