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Saudi Arabia lets men and women dance together at a concert!
The conservative nation of Saudi Arabia finally seems to be accepting certain aspects of western culture. At a David Guetta concert, Women and Men were allowed to openly dance together with no fear of action being taken against them. The social change taking place in Saudi Arabia has created a chance for many good things to come.

Indigo launches new Bangkok to Varanasi flights, gets trolled by Netizens
Indigo airlines recently launched a direct flight from Bangkok to Varanasi and as soon as the news reached Twitter, it was flooded with jokes and memes. Netizens have dubbed this new route as the 'Paap & Praschit' route! For those who couldn't get the joke, Varanasi is a pilgrimage spot in India and Bangkok is known for its sex tourism.

Commodities get cheaper after GST cut
The GST council has slashed tax rates on seven goods in the 28% slab thus leaving only 28 luxury items in the highest bracket. Items like monitors, power banks and video games will now be charged at 18% and accessories for disabled have been brought down to 5%. Movie tickets up to Rs. 100 will be taxed at 12% and ones above Rs.100 will be taxed at 18%.

Passenger insists on smoking inside an airplane, left on airport
A family onboard an Amritsar to Kolkata Vistara flight requested to be offloaded due to a personal emergency. The flight had to return to the bay and had to go through security rescreening causing the flight a delay by nearly 1.5 hours. After which a passenger insisted that he be allowed to smoke on board the flight because it had been delayed a lot. He was issued a warning letter by the captain and later offloaded when he denied complying with air safety rules.

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