Scientists will now grow weed in space!

Research for the medicinal use of marijuana has always fascinated scientists and they are now about to take their research to the next level!

A 'Weed Pod' is soon going to be set up at the International Space Station, dedicated solely to Marijuana and its research.

A Kentucky based startup named Space Tango is setting up a clean room lab aboard the space station with specific modules to keep out all possible contaminants. The plants will be contained in small transparent boxes.

The company aims at studying the effect of microgravity on the growth of the marijuana plant. The research feels that the lack of gravity as a stressor may help the plant adapt and be beneficial to the medical compounds found in the plants. 

Space Tango currently has two micro labs on board the ISS and a third one may soon be set up. The study will also help in understanding how Hemp fibre production changes under microgravity. The research is short-term based as the International Space Station will be retired in 2024.

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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