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Sealed EVM found on road after polling in Rajasthan
A sealed EVM was found lying unattended on the national highway near Shahabad in Rajasthan. The EVM was found by a few locals who informed the police. People demand an explanation from the election commission about how this machine landed up on the side of the road.

Delhi Doctor summoned in court for treating Homosexuals with electric shock
A qualified doctor in Delhi has been summoned by the Delhi court as he treated Homosexuality as a 'genetic mental disorder'. He used electric shocks in an attempt to cure Gay and Lesbian patients. Dr PK Gupta has been accused of violating norms. 

Soldier who shot UP cop has been detained
Jitendra Malik, an Indian Army soldier has been detained in Jammu and Kashmir. 'Jeetu Fauji' has been seen in multiple videos during the mob violence in Bulandshahr. Jeetu has even been seen open firing in one of the videos and has been accused of Shooting inspector Subodh Singh.

Traders hoard cash, 35 crores seized in Delhi.
Traders in the Chandni Chowk area of New Delhi were under income tax surveillance for a long time because they dealt in cash and stockpiled a lot of black money. Their private vault was raided where authorities found Rs. 35 crore, in cash. Most of this currency was the new Rs.2000 and Rs.500 notes. 

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