Sex, Breast feeding, and gore: Bangalore Comic Con hands out explicit comic to 8 year old!

Comic-Con India is one of the fastest growing pop culture properties in India. The conventions keep getting bigger every year and the crowd just multiplies.

Every year, Comic Con India hands out a goodie bag to the visitors who buy the super fan pass. This bag usually includes an exclusive comic book, a badge, a cape, and a few posters. Up until now the comics that they gave out have been having been those of popular superhero series like the Justice League. 

But this year they handed out an explicit comic book to all the superfan pass holders including kids! 

A Bangalore resident Debjani Aich visited the Comic-Con over the weekend where her 8-year-old daughter was handed a goodie bag with a comic book called 'Saga.' She soon discovered the content of the book and shared images from the book on facebook.

While we totally support artists and their freedom of expression, there are certain guidelines that comic book publishers need to follow. We feel that the comic should have had a disclaimer that warns people about the mature content and such comics should not have been handed to kids!

The scenes shown in the comic are too graphic for an 8-year-old child! We are yet to hear from Comic Con India about the same. 

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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