Stay Cool and Chilled with these yummy drinks this summer.

We all are struggling to stay hydrated this summer and yet find something other than the basic water to have. Cause we all get bored of the same tasteless water every day.

Here are a few drinks you can indulge in this summer and keep your water content high:-
Cucumber Mint Lemonade- Lemonade is a classic for the summer season. The high water content in cucumbers and the zesty, citrusy lemon will keep the freshness alive in you.

Mixed Berry and Basil Sangria- So what if its summer? We can’t stop drinking. This is the best drink for your brunch and dinner parties as it keeps you cool and is effective in giving you the necessary buzz also.

Lady Lavender- The beautiful look and fragrance of lavender adds an amazing kind of twist and summer freshness to your drink instantly lifting your mood.

Mimosa- This basic and old school drink just feels yummy and wakens your taste buds effectively. It’s served in a nice long tulip glass and has the perfect balance of orange and sparkling wine.

Bellini- A Bellini adds a touch of elegance to your hand, it’s a summer drink for those night outs. You could hold a glass of Bellini and dance the night away.

WRITTEN BY  - Aashka Parekh



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