Stop asking your Parsi friends to bring you Dhansak!

What Biryani is to Muslims, Dhansak is to Parsis. People ask their Muslim friends for Biryani on Eid and their Parsi friends for Dhansak on Pateti and it is absolutely wrong!

Dhansak is a spicy gravy dish that is made with Mutton, Daal and spices blend together. The dish is served along with brown rice to cut the spice and fats of the gravy.

Despite being a Parsi favourite, Dhansak will never be served on a festival like Pateti or Navroz. Dhansak is made on the fourth day after someone passes away! It is basically a mourning dish.

Parsis don't like cooking this dish on festivals as tradition states that the dish is inauspicious if cooked on days that people are celebrating.

There are so many other dishes that you can pester your Parsi friends for! Ask them for Salli Murgi, Patra-Nu-Macchi, Chicken Farcha, Kidd Ghosht and Lagan Nu Custard! There is so much more to Parsi cuisine than Dhansak!

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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